As the board had given notice to resign, a replacing board has to be formed. To find new members, we have made a presentation to enable them to understand what the board is up to.

Below you will see 10 Episodes (links to a page. Each episode contains a number of subjects as announced.

Cadastral map: See LINK


——- 1st episode
1) Cortes donates the private roads to the Municipality of Altea
2) The municipality will start paving and make the residents pay for it
3) Municipal administration poorly organized.

———–2nd episode
4) A maximum of 15 tons applies to motorcycles on the new asphalted roads
5) Flow of building permits without reference to the maximum weight
6) Enforcement postponed by the Municipality.
Owners’ interests deliberately subordinated to efficiency of New Construction

———–3rd episode
7) Under the stranglehold of the authorities
8) Municipal and police webcams
9) Terror on the roads
10) Systematic subordination

——-4th episode
11) Municipality refuses to recognize the Galera
12) Conditions for recognition of De Galera as an urbanization
13) Complicit in structural fraud
14) Hopeless task
15) Building plots for sale
16) Optional location for criminal investors

———5th episode
15) Road widening impracticable
16) Pointless waste of money
17) An alternative plan is rejected.
18) Narrow roads / wide roads

———–6th episode
19) Burglaries and robberies
20) Request to install a secured entrance with a barrier and guard is rejected

——-—7th episode
21)Waste station built on behalf of Galera
22) Waste station is public on the authority of the Municipality of Altea.
23)Daily maintenance is the responsibility of the Association

——-—8th episode
24)Municipal policy is incomprehensible
25) Squatters, Illegals, criminals and vagrants
26)Recognition of Galera as an Urbanization is further away than ever
27)The pleasures, but not the burdens
28)Despondent and burned out

———-9th episode
29) Illegal felling of forests cannot be stopped
30)Failed projects: owner unknown
31)Construction without residential purpose
32)Vacancy: owner’s address unknown
33) Squatters with their antisocial behavior
34) Volunteer work
35) High expectations for little money
36)Speculation ground
37)Flooding due to collapsed roads

——–10th episode
38)No adequate access to Galera: Roundabout
39)2000 meters bumping through Isla d’Altea
40)A plan of action
41)650 tons of wasted fuel
42)No exit lane from Calpe to the Galera
43)No merge lane from the Galera to Altea
44)Forbidden to drive towards Calpe
45)Forbidden to turn from Altea to the Galera
46)NJET: Unequal struggle/government unwillingness

—— Photo report damage to the roads in the Galera