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Retired and then retiring in Spain.
Who wouldn’t want that?

But there is a dark side to buying a house if you settle in Altea.

In about 9 publications we take you through a letter we received from one of the residents of the hamlet of La Galera de Las Palmeras (part of the well-known Altea Hills).

But first let us introduce you to the Galera de Las Palmeras.

In the 1970s (1960-1970), project developer Cortes bought the BERNIA hills and these were divided into building plots from 850 m2 to 2000 m2.
Another project developer developed the well-known Altea Hills district on the Bernia.

“The hills of the BERNIA mountain massif in Altea”

In the Galera de Las Palmeras there is room for at least 750 building plots. During the development of this district, several roads were constructed so that the building plots became accessible.

This district is not accessible on foot or one would have to walk along the Carretera N322 from Calpe or Altea. That is extremely risky, because there is no sidewalk there for walkers.

Building lots
Speculators and private individuals could buy plots from the Cortes company on which to build a house.
There was little or no mention of it
– building regulations and
– control thereof by the Municipality of Altea.
– an adequate licensing system
– a systematic approach to road construction

Roads were constructed on behalf of Cortes so that the building plots could be reached by potential buyers.
They were roads without pavement or asphalt.

If the plots were sold out, forests were cut down on behalf of Cortes and new paths were constructed in order to open up parts of the hills.

Where one could go no further, a dead end emerged.
As you can discover if you explore the Galera by car:

Entrance to the Galera de Las Palmeras 39 meters above sea level:
We will now show you in order of the height of the location:
the end point of most roads/trails.

In case a fire occurred, there was a 2nd route to Altea La Vella.
But someone built a house in the middle of the escape road around 2006.
Mr. Toralbo is not a member of our Association.

That house is still not finished and if you have to flee to Altea La Vella, the owner allows you to drive through the garden:

The Galera de Las Palmeras
It is unknown when the permit to build this house was granted.

This district is not accessible on foot or one would have to walk along the Carretera N322 from Calpe or Altea. That is extremely risky, because there is no sidewalk there for walkers.

Escape route for Galera residents in case of disaster: open the gates and drive on to Altea La Vella.

Not really a neighborhood frequently used by pedestrians!
For most pedestrians the area is too steep for a walk up and down to the N322 Carretera.
* All roads are dead ends and end deep in the valley or high on the mountain.
* There are no sights.
* The infrastructure has not been completed.
* Building materials have been left behind or dumped here and there.
* The forests look desolate
* There are no fire breaks, so that a forest fire can rage unstoppably

As you can see, Project Developer Cortes did not take this into account at the time weigh
– which are 6 meters wide;
– are equipped with a sewerage system;
– are equipped with a sidewalk.

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